Elite4 Information

Elite4 series was released on September 16th, 2009.

The series consists of five main products

(each texture comes with Elite Human Surface Shader and presets, as well as Carrara-optimized shader

Later M4 Elite Texture: Stratton was added to it.

Elite4 Bundle

(includes: Elite Textures Lee, Sol, Jeremy and Elite Body Shapes)

Elite 4 FAQ

Q: Is Elite 4 standalone figure?
A: No, Elite 4 is a morphpack for Michael 4 like Hiro 4, Guy4 and Freak 4.

Q: Why it is so expensive?
A: Elite series of products is using completely original, 3D scanned textures and morph measurements taken from live models and contributes the excellent, unique quality to the final product. More about it from DAZ3D site here

Q: What are main Elite 4 body morphs?
A: Elite 4's body morphs are: Adonis, Prosaic, Spartan and Svelte. Each of them has a companion head morph as well.

Q: Does M4 genitals fit Elite 4?
A: Elite Body Morphs product has Elite fits for M4 genitalia.

Q: Can Elite 4 wear Michael 4 clothes?
A: The situation with Elite 4 in this respect is completely the same as with Hiro 4, Guy4 and The Freak 4. Elite is capable to wear M4 clothes but those clothes should have appropriate bodymorphs in them in order to fit the Elite morphs. If clothes don't have proper morphs, those morphs can be added by hand, with a help of the magnets or using various software such as Morphing Clothes or Wardrobe Wizard 2. DAZ Studio 3 users can use Morph Follower to fit the M4 clothes better onto Elite 4.

Q: Where are Elite 4 magnets?
A: Lyrra made a set of Elite 4 magnets available on DAZ3D.

Q: Can Elite 4 use Michael 4 textures?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Where can I find more of Elite-comparable products?
A: There is a list here

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