General FAQ

Q: What this project is all about?
A: This is a Wiki which is dedicated to DAZ3D Michael 4 figure and all his addons.

Q: How did it start?
A: It is started on DAZ3D forums as a collection of links to M4 products here

Q: What is a TOS of this Wiki?
A: The general Terms of Service (TOS) of Wikidot is here. This Wiki (with permission of Wikidot administration) changes the general Wikidot TOS in respect of artistic nudity and violence but everything else is under Wikidot TOS.
You can find the full M4 Listings TOS here

Q: What is a license for that Wiki?
A: Except pictures all content is under Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported licence. All pictures with no exceptions are under standard copyright, which means that they can't be redistributed without permission of original creator.

Q: I want to contribute but can't edit any pages. Why?
A: To prevent possible vandalism some restriction for editing of pages were made. If you wish to contribute a link, a review, a picture or anything else, please use our forums

Q: What about other male figures? Will you add them?
A: We don't have other figures in our nearest plans but everything is possible.

Q: Who are the people managing the Wiki and how I can contact them?
A: You can find more about us here

Q: So, how can I become the member of the site?
You should be registered at Wikidot and then join the site here

Q: Ugh! I just saw some ads on your pages!..
Unfortunaly, Wikidot has a policy about free wiki sites and when unregistered members view such wikis, they sometimes can see Google ads as well. People with wikidot accounts are supposed to be excluded from unwanted advertisement.

Q: I saw the new product in a store but it isn't in a Wiki. Why?
M4Wiki team monitores all poserverse sites regulary but because of real life interferance updates are usually occur each 3-5 days so newest products may apprear with some slight delay. If you wish to make sure that we won't miss anything, please, submit a link on our forums

Q: I want to put a banner to your Wiki on my site, is that possible?
A: Certainly :) You can find some banners here

Q: Where you have each type of products listed?
A: This project has a following format for product pages:
- Characters: includes character sets, character shaders, character morphs and character textures
- Clothes: includes clothes, props, headwear, footwear and clothing textures
- Poses: includes poses, animations and expressions
- Hair: includes Poser and Carrara dynamic hair, M4 fits for existing hair, hair and additional hair textures
- Resources and Utilities: includes magnet sets, merchant skin resources and additional utilities like cloth convertors

Q: Do you get any profit from running this site?
A: No. This project is strictly non-commercial and because M4 Lists values its neutrality, we don't participate in any affiliate programs either. While we reserve the right to highlight products in reviews, it doesn't go beyond that.

Q: It would be kind of nice to have thumbnails with the product links. Can you do it?
A: We don't have plans to add thumbnails to product lists at present time but we consider the possibility to add them in future.

Q: What is up with those big clunky toolbars on top and bottom of pages?
A: Unfortunately, on July 15th of 2009, Wikidot administration decided to "brand" all free wikidots accounts with those toolbars and there is nothing that we can do about it except to say how much we don't like it in this thread

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License