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DAZ3D quote: This new version of The FREAK will undoubtedly create FREAK fanatics out of users who previous weren't fans of the original. The FREAK 4 comes to you with incredible versatility allowing you to combine and mix-n-match a number of morphs to create characters you've only ever imagined.

Freak 4 was released August 18th, 2009. He is available here:

(includes set of the Freak 4 body and head morphs, base texture, 10 Default Poses, Figure Presets and Puppeteer Presets)

(includes: The Freak 4 Base, 30 additional poses, The Freak 4 Skin Maps 01, Brock, M4 Casual Wear, Spartan Warrior, Beach Hair and M4 Bodysuit Unimesh Fits for M4 Bodysuit)

(includes: The Freak 4 Starter Pack, 30 additional expressions, 30 additional hand poses, Caleb Hair, Barbarian King, Mafioso, The Freak Skin Maps 02, Freak 4 Weapons, The Cage, Freak 4 Rules poses and Freak 4 Character Morphs)


Q: Is Freak 4 standalone figure like Freak 3 is?
A: No, Freak 4 is a morphpack for Michael 4 like Hiro 4. SKondris from DAZ3D answered that question (before release) as

Yes, he will be done similar to the other major figures. Due to the versatility of having all major figures based off the same base mesh aka unimesh, All Gen 4 major figures are going to be based on the same underlying male and female meshes: V4 and M4.

Q: What are main Freak 4 body morphs?
A: Freak 4's Main Body Morphs are: Heroic, Legendary, Monstrous, UltraMassive, TrollishBody and SuperMassive. The character also includes some partial bodymorphs and morphforms.

Q: What are main Freak 4 head morphs?
A: They are called Beast, Chiseled, ClassicComicHero, ClassicFreak, Goliath, HeroicHead, LegendaryHead, MonstrousHead, Ogre, Olympian and Villain.

Q: Does Freak 4 works in Poser?
A: Official DAZ3D answer on August 18th 2009

Note regarding The FREAK 4 in Poser: Remember that The FREAK 4 is based off the Michael 4 rig and mesh much like Aiko and the Girl are based off Victoria. This provides an improved end user experience overall and particularly within DAZ Studio. However, due to known issues in Poser regarding how scaling is handled, there will be differences between the results in DAZ Studio and Poser.

Clearly the use of scaling is a large part of what The FREAK 4 product consists of. Within DAZ Studio, the product works completely as intended. DAZ 3D has communicated extensively over recent months with Smith Micro regarding these issues, which they have acknowledged, but we have no information regarding when these issues might be resolved within Poser. Feel free to contact Smith Micro directly to weigh in on this issue, if it's important to you.

Q: What happened to the video preview morphs Freak 4, Roy Drage, Super Freak, Ogre, Vlad, and The Giant?
A: The morphs were either changed or renamed.

Q: Can Freak 4 wear Michael 4 clothes?
A: The situation with Freak 4 in this respect is the same as with Hiro 4 and Guy4: The Freak 4 is capable to wear M4 clothes but those clothes should have appropriate bodymorphs in them in order to fit The Freak. If clothes don't have proper morphs, those morphs can be added by hand, with a help of the magnets or using various software such as Morphing Clothes or Wardrobe Wizard 2. DAZ Studio 3 users can use Morph Follower to fit the M4 clothes better onto Freak 4.

Q: Where are Freak 4 magnets?
A: Lyrra made a set of Freak 4 magnets here

Q: Can Freak 4 wear Freak 3 clothes?
Short answer: no, he can't.
Long answer: as with other figures, Freak 4 can wear Freak 3 clothes after they were refit either by hand or with a help of programs like Wardrobe Wizard 2 or Crossdresser 3.

Q: Where is Freak4-Freak 3 transition figure?
A: Such figure doesn't exist as DAZ3D disconnected transition figures after release of V4 (V4-V3 was the last one)

Q: Can Freak 4 use Michael 4 textures?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Does M4 genitals fit Freak 4?
A: There was no official update but they probably could be fit for F4 with help of scaling and moving.

Q: What is the story about Freak and pink tutu?
A: The original pink tutu freebie for the Freak was a made by PhilC (Tooth Fairy for Freak 3). The gag continues in the forth generation with the release of DAZ 3D's Pretty in Pink. The origin of the in-joke within DAZ 3D was recently revealed by the creator of Freak 3, Rbtwhiz

There is a bit of an inside joke to this one… Very funny guys. Very funny. Now everyone can have their desktop image replaced by FREAK in a pink tutu!

To let folks in on the joke… Years ago, back when I created the original FREAK, being a rather masculine guy and having built the FREAK to be an idealized exaggeration of that (to heroic proportions), a former DAZ employee thought it would be hilarious to replace my desktop image at the time (which was of the FREAK in a menacing stance, ready to battle the world) with an image of him doing a pirouette in a pink tutu. Mind you, this was done minutes before I was to conduct a demo for some important visitors. Everyone got a good laugh out of it… at my expense *wink*.

This morning, as I passed the office of one of the original jokesters, I hear "Hey Rob, you're going to love this weeks freebie…" with an unmistakable trademark laugh; I knew something was up. As I sit down at my desk, I notice an email from said former employee and a response by said jokester. I click on the email, now curious about what this might be about (having the previous event immediately come to mind), and sure enough… its an image of the new and improved FREAK 4, in a pink tutu… *shakes head*

Enjoy! Enjoy Mr. Funny-man!


Freak 4 information compiled by BastBlack and Shadowdance
updated 8/16/2009

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