Freak4 Wishlist

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Freak 4 Wishes


An easier installer
Able to share morphs with M4 and H4
She-Hulk (bigger than the She-freak gen3)


Insane body proportions
Monster morphs
Colossal body proportions
More handsome than poor old Nigel (aka Freak 3)
Lower jaw tusk morph
Ogre head
Muscular morph for M4's gens
Ugly morphs
Muscle morphs
Creature morphs
Orc morphs
Dwarf morphs (including height variation, if possible)
Ability to dial down traps for better clothing fits.
J. C. Leyendecker's Superhero (prototype Superman)
Freak 4 version of the Freak 3 face
Toast morph fit for the Freak
Monstrous morphs
Creature morphs for M4, H4, Freak: lots of animal heads like V4, bull/minotaur, bird beaks
Morphs for hand and foot: no-toe or fuse-toe morph that doesn't make it look like a sock.
Being able to move the eyes wide apart, and even somewhat around to the sides of the head
Normal hand and feet proportions (instead of disproportionate hands and feet of like Freak 3)


Insane bulging muscles and veins displacement maps
Genie. Blue skin, purple skin, red skin, whatever
Dirty, bloody and scarred
Dirty, bloody and damaged textures for clothing and weapons
Muscle maps for M4/F4
Red texture


Mullet-like long curls.
Facial hair


A Minotaur (bull head/neck morph, hunchback, and hooved feet)
Fabio Lanzoni
comic book character "Rhino"
fantasy/medieval blacksmith set
Savage Dragon
Ryuk from Deathnote
Andre the Giant


Police detective/Cop (with tie, rolled up sleeves and pocket badge)
Ancient Greek and Roman armor
Freak update for HQ suit
Some _HQ_ armor
Gansta or Zoot suit
Fantasy clothes
Gansta or Zoot suit!
HQ_ armor
Fantasy clothes
Sci-fi stuff
Warriors or barbarian
Normal cloth for gym
Everyday wear
Fantasy armor
make more PANTS for him!! Not only skirts
HIGH-QUALITY, believable, armour set
coveralls for farmboy, grease monkey and construction worker (with handkerchief sticking out of pocket)
Definitely gothic plate armor (gothic as in time period)
Chainmail armor (knee length hauberk and coif at least, arms and legs).
The helmet and coif being compatable with the creature head morphs.
Biker leathers: A heavy leather jacket and leggings.
RPG type clothes
Everyday Clothes
An Oxford cloth shirt with a modeled collar that stands correctly & doesn't just lay down against the shirt.
Everyday clothes for 12,000 BC
Trousers that aren't skin-tight (something like Dockers), both dynamic & conforming
Loose fitting clothing—dynamic perhaps
dynamic kilt and full Scottish attire, complete with bag pipes
Wrestling attire similar to WWE
Millitary attire specifically designed for Freak; perhaps mercenary attire


Creature parts, parts or conforming figures
Animal legs like V4's Creatures
Bone demon conforming "suit" - with pikes, protrusions, claws, horns
Tentacle Abomination: tentacles mouths, back, and creppy head morphs
Beard (better if compatible with M4 and H4)


Body Builder
Fabio poses
Hand poses: for holding various weapons, and more


face is as expressive, flexible & easy to morph as the original


Quality real medieval helmet, shield, weapon prop pack(s)
Armament and fantasy stuff with horns, wings, spikes, weird shapes
Massive battleaxe of massive awesomeness

REFITS Clothing

Freak update for M4 HQ suit
Fully compatible with Michael 4 and Hiro 4
Space marine
WoodGod M4
All M4 stuff
RPG Series Part 1: Dwarves
RPG Series Part 2: Cleric and Orc
Refits of Freak 3 clothes
The M4 cowboy duster and trenchcoat


Injection clothing, so you can inject what morphs you want
Deformer/magnet fit kit

Freak 4 wishlist compiled by BastBlack
updated 5/2/9

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