M4Lists Gallery Guidelines

Those are guidelines and rules of submission for M4Wiki M4 and H4 Galleries
a) We need permission to store one copy of your image on the M4lists site. (Please note, we may need to resize the art to fit the site, or to make a thumbnail if necessary).

b) Images used in the galleries will remain under standard copyright and you'll keep full right on them. Images will not fall under Creative Commons licence like the rest of the site and all appropriate notifications are made in TOS and in galleries about that.
c) Full credit will be given. Each picture will have a separate page, so you can add notes about the making of the image, give a list of content used, link to your own site or other gallery or tell anything about yourself if you wish.

d) Images will be used only in the galleries, not for any other graphic purpose (like but not limited to making banners) unless you will want us to do that and grand us a written permission about that.
e) If at any time, you wish to change or remove your artwork from the M4lists gallery, please send us an email or contact the coordinator (Shadowdance for M4 and F4 gallery, BastBlack for H4 gallery) with private message and we will comply as quickly as possible.

a) The image should have a prominent display of M4 and/or any of his subcharacters (Hiro4, M4E, Guy, Freak4, etc). For Hiro 4 gallery Hiro 4-styled character (pure H4 morphs, similar-styled M4 morphs or Hiro 4 with other morphs added) should have a prominent display on the picture.
M4/H4 doesn't have to be the only figure on the picture but he should be noticable.
b) Postwork is allowed.

c) The image should be no more than 900 pixels wide or 1000 pixels high (we can resize it, not a problem)
d) The image must follow DAZ3D TOS (no full frontal nudity, no pubes, no excessive gore, violence or arousal, nothing discriminatory or hateful).

e) We would like to encourage all types of renders, and not just the pinup.

f) Images will be approved by site admins. We will notify you if your art is added to the gallery.

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