Hierophant by Kattey

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Rendered in DS.
M4 with Liquid Rust's Derek (skin + bodymorph, DAZ3D), pwSurface, custom face morph, Mitsu Hair (DAZ3D, 3DUniverse), Throne of the Wolfking (DAZ3D), Shades of Atlantis Cobalt Hierophant (DAZ3D, Luthbel), Shades of Atlantis: Arcane Brotherhood (DAZ3D, Arien), Art Deco Caprice (Renderosity, folkvangar), Narquelir Kiir (DAZ3D, Aery_Soul), Valiant for M4 (DAZ3D, Ravenhair), Abraxas (DAZ3D, Danie, marforno, Abraham), Grape (RDNA, Traveler)
I used several magnets to better fit the skirt and Photoshop to combine layers and compose image.
Light is done in three layers; major is LDP I (DAZ3D) and two are additional correction lights.

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