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DAZ3D quote: Hiro 4 has finally arrived. He comes to you as a powerful set of morph targets built off DAZ 3D's popular Micheal 4 Base figure. Hiro 4 delivers five new body shapes, six anime styled head shapes, and dozens of new morphs which can easily be mixed and matched with each other or with M4 morphs.

Hiro 4 was released January 29th, 2009. He is available here:
Hiro 4
includes: Hiro 4 Base
Hiro 4 Starter Pack
includes: Hiro 4 Base, Austin Hair, Nagase Hiro 4, Hiro 4 Bodysuit Upgrade, Hiro 4 Realistic Textures, Slicer. 10 Poses, 10 Facial Expressions, 10 Hand Poses
Hiro 4 Pro Bundle
includes: Hiro 4 Base, Austin Hair, Nagase Hiro 4, Hiro 4 Bodysuit Upgrade, Hiro 4 Realistic Textures, Slicer. 10 Poses, 10 Facial Expressions, 10 Hand Poses, Qain Hair, Urbane, Steam Cowboy, Lord of Battles for M4 and Hiro 4, 10 Additional Poses, 10 Additional Facial Expressions, 10 Additional Hand Poses

To use Hiro 4, you will need the M4 base available here: Michael 4
includes: Michael 4 Base


1) Hiro 4 is a morph of M4
Similar to how Aiko 4 is a morph of V4

2) Hiro 4 and M4 are able to share clothing and hair.
Requires the Hiro 4 morph in M4 clothes. Clothes will be fitted to M4 by default and contain Hiro 4 morphs.

3) Hiro 4 can share texture maps with M4
For Hiro 4 to share texture maps with A4, V4, and V4 Male use Texture Convertor 2 to convert textures between figures, swap V4's UVmaps for M4's, or use M4 Enhanced for correct texture alignments between V4 and M4.

4) Hiro 4 can share morphs with M4: mix, blend bodies and heads with morphs from H4, M4+, M4 Enhanced, Vladimir, Guy 4, Freak 4, and more.
Hiro 4 can also share morphs with A4/V4/V4male with M4 Enhanced, but transferred morphs may not look the same because the default shape is difference between the figures.

5) Hiro 4's Anime Full Body Morphs are:
Hiro 4, Hiro Built, Hiro Realistic, Hiro Stylized

Hiro 4's Anime Face Morphs are:
Hiro 4, American 1, American 2, Realistic, Stylized 1, Stylized 2

To see a complete list all of Hiro 4's morphs, go here.

6) Don’t forget you'll need the Micheal 4 Base to use Hiro 4.


Q: Is "Sylvan" part of the Hiro base or is it something which will be added later?

SKondris wrote: No….. ??? That was a morph that was included in an early pre-release version of M4 given to some PA's, but was later removed. It's not from the final Hiro 4 product, it shouldn't be included in any products anywhere.

Q: What is the difference between M4 and Hiro 4?
A: M4's default shape is an adult male. Hiro 4's default shape is an anime male.

Q: Why do we need Hiro 4?
A: Because Hiro works for cartoon, anime/manga, video game characters, and youthful type characters. It's also possible that Hiro 4 combined with M4's morphs could make a good bishonen/biseinen type character. The type of hair, textures, and clothing Hiro wears tends to be more fantasy, fashion forward, youthful, and fun.

Q: Can Hiro 4 wear Hiro 3 clothing?
A: No. Hiro 4 has a different body shape, groups, and joint parameters. You can use clothing conversion applications like Wardrobe Wizard 2, CrossDresser, or Clothing Converter to refit clothes to H4. (See "Utilities" on the H4 product page.)

Q: What if I have a really great outfit for M4 but it doesn't have Hiro 4 body morphs, can I make it fit?
A: Yes. You can turn off the Hiro 4 body shapes, use Hiro4 Magnet Fits by Lyrra Madril to add the Hiro 4 body shapes to the clothing, or use an application like Wardrobe Wizard 2 or CrossDresser, Morphing Clothes to add H4 morphs, or using DAZ Studio 3's Morph Follower.

Q: Hiro's eyes are out of place, how can I fix it?
A: First, be sure to have M4 installed main/default Runtime. Now reinstall Hiro 4 into your main/default Runtime. Be sure to run the initialization script after you install both M4 and Hiro 4.

Q: In Carrara Hiro 4 loads okay at first, but then his eyes are shrink into his head. Help!
A: Please do not zero the figure, that will cause the eyes return to their default M4 size and position.

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updated 8/19/9

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