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A developer's Cr2 that includes morphforms (for scaling)
A nice looking foot when flat on the ground (not lumpy bending on ankle and bottom of foot)
Scale Finger length


True Bishonen style head and body morphs (similar to M3 Bishonen)
Swimmer Body
Svelte Body
Asian Ball Joint Doll style (SuperDollfie, DreamofDoll)
NearMe-ish Chibi Style
Beth's CDI Morphs
Creatures morphs and Egyptian Pantheon
Peter Cheung style head morphs
Maybe-ish style head morph for Toon renders
Anime Style Expression Morphs and Expression symbol props
American Toon Film Noir style
Guy Wolek style American Toon style
Fat moprh for Hiro (Cartoon-fat, not realistic fat)


Light Asian (like Ha Sebin)
Golden Asian (like Daniel Henney)
Displacement, bump, & spectral maps for normal guys (not body builders!)
Tom Welling-ish Youthful Glow texture
Blushing textures
Clothing texture options in shiny bubblegum pink
Anime eyes
Goth Textures
Elite textures
Eyebrows for guys (including bushy styles) (photoshop layers, and/or transmaps)


Steampunk Dreads, fashion
Visual Kei hair, fashion/music
Emo style, fashion/music
Death Note's L Hair, anime/manga
Hair for Toon Style renders, 3d
Messy Goth Hair (Robert Smith the Cure/Edward Scissorhands), music/movie
Spikey Punk Hair (Sid Vicious), music
Spikey Anime Hair (Cloud Strife), game
Long Punk Hair (Bill Kaulitz), music
Chul Kuk Hair (messy, long bangs, and tie back for ponytail), manhwa
Jim Morrison/Lestat Hair, music/comic/novel/movie
Chaiman Gil Durandal's hair, anime
Kabuki Lion hair, theater
Sasuke's hairstyle from Naruto, anime/manga
Anime hair (more weird hairdos like Austin)
Ultra long hair…like mega long… for a guy, with lots of motion and wind morphs
Aether Hair


Death Note's L Lawliet, anime/manga
Death Note's Mello, anime/manga
Death Note's Light, anime/manga
Death Note's Matt, anime/manga
Death Note's Near,, anime/manga
Inuyasha Sesshourmaru, anime/manga
Bleach Soul Reaper kimono, anime/manga
Chul Kuk from Audition, manhwa
FAKE retro 80s outfits, manga
Angel Sanctuary's Lucifer, manga
Angel Sanctuary's Krad, manga
Tuxedo Mask, anime
Naruto Characters / Shinobi outfits, anime/manga
Blood + Hagi, anime/manga
Tamahome, manga
Gaslight Gothic, manga
Vampire Knight school uniform, anime/manga
Jareth, The Goblin King, movies
Kuro Shi tsuji, anime
Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (Regency Style Clothes), tv
Renaissance Angel, paintings
Devil May Cry Dante, game
Kain, game
Final Fantasy Cloud Strife, game
Final Fantasy Sephiroth, game
Final Fantasy Vincent Valentine, game
Final Fantasy Kadaj, game
Final Fantasy Reno, game
Final Fantasy Squall Leonhart, game
Kingdom Hearts Sora, game
Visual Kei X-Japan, music
Visual Kei Gackt, music
Visual Kei Mana, music
Visual Kei Kami, music
J-rock Miyavi, music
J-rock Gazette, music
J-rock DIE, music
J-rock Atsushi Sakurai, music
Punk Sid Vicious, music
Shocker Rock Marylin Manson, music
CatBoys, DogBoys FoxBoys and WolfBoys, anime/manga
Depp's Edward Scissorhands, movie
Depp's Sweeny Todd, movie
Depp's Sleepy Hallow, movie
Superman - Tom Welling style, tv
Dick Tracy, comic book
Vlad III Dracula (The Impaler), historical
Dorian Gray, literature
Indiana Jones 1940s Nerdy Professor (suit, vest, bowtie, glasses), movie
Kakihara, movie
Leon Scott Kennedy from Biohazard 4, movie
Neon Genesis Evangelion Plugsuit, anime/manga
Sci-fi Star Wars like clothes, movies
Complex game outfits with lots of options, like Cave's Mushihimesama Futari
Complex game outfits with lots of options, like Cave's Espgaluda
Complex game outfits with lots of options, like Cave's Mushihime-sama
Complex game outfits with lots of options, like Cave's ibara Pink Sweets
Complex game outfits with lots of options, like Cave's ibara french-lace
Elaborate game outfits with lots of options, like Cave's Vampire Hurts
Turbosquid's Anime Ninja outfit
Turbosquid's Anime Inspired Male
Turbosquid's Anime Thai Boxer
Turbosquid's BlackOp
Turbosquid's Anime Sword Fighter
Turbosquid's Anime Karate Fighter
Turbosquid's FantasyCharacterMaya.


Samurai clothing
Sims2ArtistsUnion-like clothing
SteamPunk Aristocrat
J-rock clothing
J-rock Tux
J-rock Punk Kitty Hoodie
Emo clothing
Akabane hat and coat
Gaslight Gothic
Elegant Gothic Aristocrat
Emo CatBoy
Hoodie (with working zipper morphs as well as hood up and down)
Elegant (French Quarter/New Orleans) Gothic male fashions
Visual Kei French Revolution Military wear
Visual Kei Vampire
Visual Kei MadHatter
Visual Kei Goblin King
T-shirts: short and long-sleeve
Tunic set
Bodysuit (fun, with gloves, and shoes like the Hiro 3 one)
High Quality Jeans with pant leg, pocket, belt, style, and fly morphs
Combat trousers
Shorts (knee-length) surf board shorts
Modern-day suit jacket
Realistic PROPER Kimono
Button up shirt (oxford) with morphs
Pin-stripe Punk Bondage straight jacket-ish skirt
Anime style of a Knight
WW2 Pilot
SciFi clothes
Hiro Bot (Hiro Robot)
Japanese Schoolboy uniform with adjustable long collars and open morphs
Japanese College boy suit with morphs
Kendo shinai, kendo sword, face mask and padded armor
Leather overcoat
Detective trenchcoat and hat
Fantasy wrap
Karate Uniform
SteamPunk Ancient Egypt
Night Life Suit (suit for going out clubbing)
Golfers clothes and golf props (caddy, clubs, cart)
ChessMaster (black and white costume, with squares)
Morphing wizard robes (with an M4 fit)
Loose fitting clothes (not skin tight)
Ancient Egypt
Basketball uniform
Police detective (with tie, rolled up sleeves and pocket badge)
anime-style/final fantasy-esque pant with lots of details, length options, and dangly chains
anime-armor miscellaneous armor pieces for various body parts


Guitar and Guitar Bag
Goggles (cyber, steampunk, visual kei, modern japanese style motorcyle)
Rock and J-rock jewelry
Steampunk jewelry pocketwatches and wristwatches
Motorcycles like in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Harisen (Japanese spanking fan)
Cute Animal Hat (cat, polar bear, bunny)
Sci-fi gun holster like M3's UzilitePlus
M4/H4 morphing beard
Morphing Eyebrow prop for anime and realistic guys
A cool gothic chair
A cool Deathnote L's chair


Deathnote L's Lair


Anime style figther poses
Anime style street poses
Anime style pin-up poses
Anime style cute poses
Anime style rock-n-roll poses
Anime style schoolboy poses
Anime style expressions
Superhero poses
Attitude poses
Attitude expressions
Cute poses of Hiro 4 with the Mil Cat
Hiro 4 plays with Mill Puppy


Boot pack M3


Millennium Beard
Daryl Hairstyle
Rievel Hair
Anime Hair
Blaine Hair
Jada Hair
Kishka Hair
Osean Hair
Ricardi Hairstyle
Gloria Short Hairstyle
Sensual Waves
Morphing Flat Top
Ceazarius Short Hair
Aether Hair
Anders Hair
Ricardi Hairstyle
BillyHawk Hair
Mon Chevalier Hair
Boy Hair

REFITS Clothing

All Hiro 3 DAZ PC converted to Hiro 4
Pharaon of the Sun M3
Tribal PC M3/D3
Shadow Dancer H3/M3/D3
3 Piece Suit M3
Hope Gear H3
Hiro Clothing Bundle H3
Simply Cool for D3
Classic Casual for D3
Body Armor H3
NinjaSuit D3
Real Denim Jacket Set M3
Outrider for D3
KENJI the Scrapper H3
C.I.S. Operative M3
Casual Concept M3
Cyber Wars
The Travalor D3
Steampunk Cowboy + Hell-Bent for Leather M3
Dragon Tamer H3
Japanese Feudal set from Poser Pros M3
Dodger's Samurai Yoroi M3
Sky Command 'Daedalus' H3
Dagon H3
Wakamusha Martial Arts H3
PrimoGentry converted to Hiro 4
Mountain Blue
Leather Jacket M3
HQ Business Suit M4
Army General Uniform M4
Epsilon: Styling M4
Privateer M3
Tunic M3
Wizard Robes M3
Scount M3
MFD Cape
Utilize stuff M3
Courageous V4
Raiver V4
Adventure M3
Cape and Cloak SP
Leather Wear Set M4
Real Jeans Set M4
Suit Set M4
PoserWorld's Snape outfit to M4 and H4
M4 Leather Wear Set
M4 Suit Set

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updated 3/11/9

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